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A 4/20 Weed Wedding Celebration

Posted on November 1, 2016 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (1)

When third generation ganja growers select a theme for a wedding, a weed-themed wedding is a no brainer! Justice and Corey are pot farmers that come from a proud lineage of growers. At the heart of their celebration was their united love of marijuana; Justice and Corey respect and stand up for the plant as much as they do for eachother. The plant has been a huge part of Justice and Corey's story since day one... it's what brought them together. So for their upcoming nuptials, it was only natural to incorporate pot into their wedding with a “420” theme.


The wedding was, of course, held on April, 20, 2016 (4/20/16) at 4:20 PM in Gleneden Beach, OR. The couple had originally hired us to assist them in their search for a cannabis friendly venue in Humboldt County, but due to the strict medical laws in California it was impossible to find a location comfortable hosting a weed-themed wedding that would allow all of the specific pot-planned details of their vision. They decided to move their celebration to Oregon. Finding a venue in Oregon was a much easier task as marijuana is now legal for recreational use throughout the state. Though the celebration was moved from Humboldt to Oregon's north coast, Gala Events and Weddings Owner, Alegria traveled the distance to Officiate their ceremony. At their Oregon venue, the couple was able to incorporate weed into every detail of their wedding as long as they followed a few of the recreational-use rules. These rules included: designated indoor areas for pot smoking, a minimum age requirement of 18 or older for all attendees, so no children were allowed on-site or inside the venue for the reception, the event must be alcohol-free, and as per the venue, its identity must remain private.



Justice proudly put great thought into personalizing the attire she and Corey wore for the celebration. They found a special company to print onto fabric a magnified photo of a bud of one of their favorite home-grown strains, Cherry Pie. Corey's entire suit, and Justice's train were made from this custom fabric. She also had her dress adorned with beaded pot leaves. Together the two were king and queen bees of the ball!

Alegria was asked to give honorable mention to marijuanna within the content of their ceremony. The nuptials included anecdotes relevant to growing as well as a tree planting ritual.

After the ceremony, guests were invited into the hall to partake in a pot-centric reception including a bud-tended bar featuring various strains of Justice and Corey's home grown cannabis, a dab bar, cannabis infused edibles, a signature centerpiece ice bong, and of course the passing of gigantic joints.



Personalized lighters and rolling paper packs were supplied as guest favors.

As the venue filled with smoke and a thick haze settled upon the room, unmedicated hors d’oeuvres were passed to satisfy guests' munchies. Beginning the evening with their own wedding tradition, Corey and Justice shared their “first toke” as a married couple. Following the "cannabis hour" (in lieu of a tradional cocktail hour), guests enjoyed an elegant dinner of lobster and filet mingnon. Tables were decorated with three healthy pot plants as centeripieces, and each guest was gifted a marijuana clone in mini terracotta pots as favors.



For dessert, guests could choose from either two tiers of medicated coconut cake indicated by the fresh pot leaves accenting the decor, or the bottom tier of unmedicated cake not adorned with pot leaves. Corey had his own medicated groom's cake, a nod to his affection for Cookie Monster, and of course it was surrounded with medicated chocolate chip cookies.

The evening's entertainment, Mendo Dope, provided a blend of hip hop, rock, and raggae. Lyrics celebrated cannabis culture and the fight to legalize marijuana. While the music did not feature the traditional ballads of falling in love that one might expect at a wedding, they held true to the core values of Justice and Corey, representing their love and commitment to furthering the progress of pot. Dancing was not the focus of the celebration, rather, continued partaking was, and the room grew thicker with smoke.

Corey and Justice’s wedding was modern and fresh and did a fantastic job of embracing it's 420 theme throughout all of the details. Weed weddings are growing in popularity and with recreational legalization well on its way in California, we foresee growth in this niche market throughout Humboldt County. We look forward to working with local couples and businesses that want to make pot a part of their events and celebrations.

Congratulations Justice and Corey! Thank you for making us a part of your Weed Wedding Day!






When Love is Fun and Games: Tylene and Brad's Wedding

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I initially met Tylene when she accompanied her friend (and maid of honor), Alyssa, on our Wedding Planning on Wheels Tour several years ago. At the time, she was preparing to be Alyssa's Maid of Honor. So it was a lovely surprise when she contacted me to book us for Wedding Planning Services for her own special day.

She and Brad are gamers, and share a love of fun and games... any kind of games... so we were especially excited about their vision to incorporate games into their Big Day. They wanted their guests to enjoy a relaxing, picnic-style wedding, where everyone could pass the time enjoying one another's company, laughter, fun, and of course... games. And so we set the stage...

We especially loved the dice boutonnieres that adorned the guys!

But our favorite part of the wedding was when Brad and Tylene shared their "First Game"... a life-sized Jenga match!

The day was beautiful, and we were so honored to be a part of it! Congratulations Brad and Tylene! We wish you a lifetime of Love and Happiness together!

Destination Redwoods: Angela & Kelvin's Small Wedding Under the Trees, July 7, 2015

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Photos by" target="_blank">The Rasers Photography

Angela and Kelvin were eager to have their ceremony under a towering cathedral of redwoods... and that is exactly what we did. They had visited Humboldt County multiple times over the years and were in love with the magic of the area. It was exactly where they wanted to bring their closest family and friends to witness their vows for a small ceremony.

Angela and Kelvin got ready at their vacation rental with family. Kelvin arrived solo at the ceremony site, with Angela not far behind by shuttle.

The ceremony was simple, short, and sweet with a Love Letter ritual to commemorate the occasion.

Once the, "I do's," were complete, vendors, family, and friends met at Sunset Restaurant while Angela and Kelvin took some time with one another in Trinidad before joining us for dinner.

The day ended with a perfect sunset, just as Angela and Kelvin cut the cake.

Thank you Angela and Kelvin for the opportunity to be a part of your wedding day. We wish you a lifetime of Love and Happiness together.

A DIY Boho Wedding in the Redwoods: Willie & Kate, June 25, 2015

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Photos provided by Astaria Holland (friend), and Alegria Sita (me)

This wedding was a special wedding for me to work on. Willie and Kate are dear friends of mine, and I was honored they asked me and the Gala team to provide DIY & Enjoy Services (month + day-of coordination) for their Special Day. Every wedding we work on is special... but there's something magical about having your friends recognize the value of your talents and services so much that they request them for their Big Day... such was the case for this DIY bohemian wedding in the Redwoods! (Thank you Willie & Kate!!!).

Everything about this celebration emminated LOVE, and truly reflected Willie and Kate's personalities. Friends and family were at the very heart of this wedding, supporting Kate and Willie with all of the details from attire, to food, to flowers, jewels, entertainment, and decor, all of which generated a community-based atmosphere, and was a sincere testament to the community support that embraces their marriage. Everyone really came together to realize the vision of the day!

Kate's dress was made by our friend Joy of Greensleeves, made of natural fibers.

Another friend, Taylor, is a metalsmith, and he made Kate and Willie's wedding bands. Taylor Cornejo Jewelry.

The ceremony was held in one of my favorite redwood groves, under a towering cathedral of trees. Guests passed by an altar of elements near and dear to Kate and Willie on their way to ceremony seating. As guests entered the ceremony area, Seda and Seth played Mbiras, offering sweet, acoustic melodies to the ambiance.

The ceremony began with a small processional of immediate family, followed by Willie, Kate, and their angelic son, Osha, stopping at the altar to take a moment with just the 3 of them before the ceremony began. Our friends Michael and Kathleen officiated a beautiful, personalized ceremony encompassing all things sacred to Willie and Kate. The love in the air was palpable!

Our friends Tigger and Lucas opened the ceremony chanting and drumming a welcome to the Four Directions.

Vows were exchanged...

Laughter was had...

And it was time to prounounce them......


Then the celebration began! All guests contributed to the potluck dinner with an array of appetizers, salads, sides, entrés and desserts... an incredible feast fit for a King and his Queen (and all of their guests)! :) Our friend Bethany served as the kitchen coordinator, while many hands came together to layout the scrumptious spread!

A couple of friends provided beautiful orchids for centerpieces accompanied by branches of cedar, luminaries, and river rocks for all of the tables. Absolutely stunning!!!

The feast was followed by toasts around a campfire, and dancing provided by DJ Dylan Livingearth. For guests camping out, an all-night sauna was brought in by Sauna Surround You.

This wedding was truly a testament to the love and community that Willie and Kate have built around them. We sincerely wish them the best for a lifetime of Love and Happiness together! Thank you Willie and Kate, for allowing Gala Events & Weddings to be of service on your special day! Best wishes always!!!

Live, Laugh, Love: Sophia & Jame's Wedding, June 20, 2015

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James and Sophia love the outdoors, and wanted to showcase Humboldt terrain on their summer wedding day. In order to achieve this, they opted to have their ceremony in a forested location, then host their reception on one of our most popular beach venues. Their celebration embraced the natural elements and brought a very down-to-earth feeling to all in attendance.

One of the highlights of the ceremony was their Tree-Planting Ritual, whereby, they invited each of their parents to come up to alter with soil from each of their childhood homes to add to to their potted tree. Once planted, James and Sophia water the tree together. The ritual honored their family roots and the paths leading them to this very day, and also their love which will carry them forward into the future.

The reception hosted all of the traditional elements: greetings, gifts, great food, and square dancing! That's right! A few dosey-do's and promenades that got their entire party to connect and mingle with great fun!

We loved working with James and Sophia on their big day! Congratulations!!! And we wish you a lifetime of Love and Happiness Together!

A Back Yard Garden Party: Elyse & Jonathan's Wedding

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Elyse grew up in a home above the Azaela Reserve in McKinleyville. She watched her father and 2nd mother build a beautiful landscape out of a blank slate, and dreampt about one day having her wedding on this property. That day came on August 22, 2015!

Elyse and Jonathan hosted an elaborate and detailed back yard garden party for their wedding. The stages of the party were hosted in various locations throughout the gardens, giving each moment of the wedding its own chapter.

Guests were shuttled in from their hotels, and were welcomed on site by a champagne welcome reception in the garden entry, as they awaited the arrival of additional guests.

Just before the ceremony began, guests were ushered to the ceremony location in a different part of the garden.

Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed a cocktail hour on the driveway and in the front of the house, followed by a lovely dinner catered by Uniquely Yours catering. We absolutely loved all of the scattered vintage details on the tables!

Following a wonderful dinner and toasts, guests hopped on the dancefloor, and didn't leave until the music stopped super late night! Everyone had a fantastic time!

Congratulations Elyse and Jonathan! We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

Family From Sussex, England Marries in Humboldt's Majestic Redwood Forest

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Written by Allegra Harvey

All the way from Sussex, England, Tora, Phillip, and their son Woody were drawn to the majesty of the Redwoods for their elopement. Accompanied only by their dearest friends, Laura, Neil, and their son Arthur, a family living nearby in California, this ceremony was the epitome of simple and sweet.

After a breath-taking walk through the grove, some marveling for the first time at the enormity and beauty of our surroundings, Tora and Phillip found the perfect spot.

I loved hearing Alegria officiate their love story; Tora and Phillip were long lost loves who found each other again through a sweet and humorous story that made me honored to attend their ceremony, even as just a background observer and photographer. After a short, touching ceremony, the two families walked off into the majestic grove full of love and excitement for the next chapter in their lives.


Love in a Redwood Forest Faery Tale: Victoria & Justin's Wedding

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Victoria had me at faeries! During our initial phone consultation, she said she wanted a faery wedding in the redwoods, and I knew we were meant to work together! Victoria (who I came to personally call Vee) is a bit of a faery herself. Not long after meeting, we discovered that we share mutual friends and a love of aerial arts! Vee is an aerialist, and can be seen ascending and dangling from long, draping silks, performing acrobatics in the sky. I was beyond thrilled to work with her to create a magical faery tale wedding in the redwood forest at Miranda Gardens Resort.


 Country Living Florist provided the flowers, which added splashes of purples, magentas, whites, pinks and greens to the natural redwood backdrop. I loved Victoria's large purple and white paper flowers as a back drop for the band, and behind the cake.

And the cake!!!! One of my favorite details was the opulent, moss-dripped cake table, alive with figurines of faeries. Verbena Cakes did an amazing job with the immaculate cake!

Faery figurines frolicked on the moss-dripped cake table, adding playful fancy to the festivities!

Good thing we brought the dream catcher for this sleeping faery!

The guest tables were simply set for Citrine Catering's lovely buffet, with keys as guest favors. I loved Victoria's paper cranes suspended above the guest tables! It was a sweet nod to her own love of suspension from the sky!

The evening ended with Contra Dancing and Thursday Night Bluegrass, which got the entire party swingin around the dancefloor together!

Victoria and Justin, it was an honor to coordinate your wedding and a privilege to Officiate your ceremony. We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness together!


Alegria Sita, Alli McCarthy, and the Gala Events & Weddings Team!

Beach Backdrop at Moonstone: Kandis & Robert's Wedding

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Moonstone Beach is one of Humboldt's most popular wedding locations, and yet, every wedding brings its own unique flavor and style to the celebration. Kandis and Robert's wedding was no exception! I had the honor of writing and Officiating their ceremony with the Pacific ocean as our backdrop. The day was perfect! No wind, perfectly sunny, and just the right temperature... which was a huge relief after a wind-freezing rehearsal the day before. ;)

I absolutely love my role as Officiant! When Kandis, Robert and I first sat down together, they had no idea how they wanted their ceremony to unfold. This is common for many couples that I work with. And so we began discussing what they've enjoyed and disliked about ceremonies they've attended in the past. I went down a list of options to consider for their ceremony, and as our conversation continued we uncovered some really special touches to weave into their wedding, personalizing a ceremony to match their personalities.

The reception at Merryman's Beach House was lovely. Varying shades of blue accented the vibrant sunflowers! I loved all the "beachy" touches in signage, flip-flops for guests, starfish and shells.

Congratulations Kandis and Robert! Thank you for allowing me to Officiate your ceremony. Wishing you a lifetime of Love and Happiness together!


Alegria Sita

Gala Events & Weddings

A Family Affair: Bree & Justin's Sacramento Wedding

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Living behind the Redwood Curtain, I infrequently have the opportunity to connect with my large, extended family all at once. I love weddings, because they are one of those special occasions that bring family and friends from near and far together all in one place to celebrate. My cousin's wedding was no exception!

It all began January 2014 when I received an inquiry on my website from a Justin in Sacramento. It was suspicious from the beginning, even though the inquiry had absolutely no specific indication that it was my cousin... I just had a hunch; however I treated the inquiry as any other, and responded with a request to schedule a phone consultation. Justin obliged, and we set a date for our meeting. I was not at all surprised to hear my cousin's voice on the call when we initiated the phone call. Such a trickster! I was completely honored that he wanted me to officiate his wedding ceremony, and advise their wedding-planning process!

The date was set, and on they went on the search for the perfect wedding venue. They settled on a lovely bed and breakfast just outside of downtown Sac... Vizcaya. The inn is a stunning Queen Anne period style mansion, and designated State of California historical site. Lush gardens surround the pavillion-style reception hall, and make for the perfect backdrop for a wedding.

Over the course of the next year and a half, Justin, his fiancée Bree and I worked on details for their April wedding. I primarily focused on their ceremony, as the venue was fairly all-inclusive, including a wedding coordinator. Occasionally, Justin and Bree would ask for advice on this or that... it was just an honor to walk them through the big, wide, world of weddings.

Bree was a stunning bride!... And yes, that is her real hair (below)!

Justin and Bree have somewhat of a Brady Bunch family, with Justin having twins, and Bree having two daughters of her own. All were flower girls in the ceremony. Now, I have the privilege of four lovely nieces!

The ceremony was somewhat traditional, with lots of comedy infused throughout. Justin and Bree wanted to weave in an element of our Portuguese cultural heritage into the ceremony, but didn't want it to be at all religious. After searching for Portuguese wedding customs, we came up empty, save for Catholic traditions. Since that was out of the question for Justin and Bree, I pondered family traditions that we could include in their ceremony. I came up with the idea to include an old family tradition of the game, "Last Tap," into the ceremony. Last Tap is a tag game that our family plays upon departing any family gathering (holidays, reunions, Birthdays, etc.). We agreed to introduce the family tradition in the ceremony in a calm, tactful way (which is the opposite of what the game traditionally becomes), planting a seed for an all-out crazy game of Last Tap that would inevitably ensue near the end of the celebration. And that is exactly what happened! ;)

Justin also informed me that he had a special "surpise" that he wanted to perform following the ceremony. He would not share what his plan was... but the audience died in laughter once he and Bree were presented as Husband and Wife, they both turned around, slipped on sunglasses, the dj kicked on Aloe Blacc's "I'm the Man," and Justin lip synced the entire song! (See photo at the top of the page).

The reception was lovely, and Vizcaya catered the dinner. I especially loved Justin and Bree's wedding cake... a nod to their engagement story which took place on the 4th of July 2013, at Disneyland... the Happiest Place on Earth. You can watch Justin's proposal here.

The wedding was a fantastic time, with lots of laughter, good family, and good friends! Congratulations Justin & Bree!!! Thank you for the honor of officiating your ceremony. I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness together!

I thought I'd include some of our family portraits from the day... because it was just so much fun!

Me and my momma

Me and my nieces

Me, Cousin Jeff, Aunt Lynn, Cousin Justin (groom), Mom