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A 4/20 Weed Wedding Celebration

Posted on November 1, 2016 at 12:35 AM

When third generation ganja growers select a theme for a wedding, a weed-themed wedding is a no brainer! Justice and Corey are pot farmers that come from a proud lineage of growers. At the heart of their celebration was their united love of marijuana; Justice and Corey respect and stand up for the plant as much as they do for eachother. The plant has been a huge part of Justice and Corey's story since day one... it's what brought them together. So for their upcoming nuptials, it was only natural to incorporate pot into their wedding with a “420” theme.


The wedding was, of course, held on April, 20, 2016 (4/20/16) at 4:20 PM in Gleneden Beach, OR. The couple had originally hired us to assist them in their search for a cannabis friendly venue in Humboldt County, but due to the strict medical laws in California it was impossible to find a location comfortable hosting a weed-themed wedding that would allow all of the specific pot-planned details of their vision. They decided to move their celebration to Oregon. Finding a venue in Oregon was a much easier task as marijuana is now legal for recreational use throughout the state. Though the celebration was moved from Humboldt to Oregon's north coast, Gala Events and Weddings Owner, Alegria traveled the distance to Officiate their ceremony. At their Oregon venue, the couple was able to incorporate weed into every detail of their wedding as long as they followed a few of the recreational-use rules. These rules included: designated indoor areas for pot smoking, a minimum age requirement of 18 or older for all attendees, so no children were allowed on-site or inside the venue for the reception, the event must be alcohol-free, and as per the venue, its identity must remain private.



Justice proudly put great thought into personalizing the attire she and Corey wore for the celebration. They found a special company to print onto fabric a magnified photo of a bud of one of their favorite home-grown strains, Cherry Pie. Corey's entire suit, and Justice's train were made from this custom fabric. She also had her dress adorned with beaded pot leaves. Together the two were king and queen bees of the ball!

Alegria was asked to give honorable mention to marijuanna within the content of their ceremony. The nuptials included anecdotes relevant to growing as well as a tree planting ritual.

After the ceremony, guests were invited into the hall to partake in a pot-centric reception including a bud-tended bar featuring various strains of Justice and Corey's home grown cannabis, a dab bar, cannabis infused edibles, a signature centerpiece ice bong, and of course the passing of gigantic joints.



Personalized lighters and rolling paper packs were supplied as guest favors.

As the venue filled with smoke and a thick haze settled upon the room, unmedicated hors d’oeuvres were passed to satisfy guests' munchies. Beginning the evening with their own wedding tradition, Corey and Justice shared their “first toke” as a married couple. Following the "cannabis hour" (in lieu of a tradional cocktail hour), guests enjoyed an elegant dinner of lobster and filet mingnon. Tables were decorated with three healthy pot plants as centeripieces, and each guest was gifted a marijuana clone in mini terracotta pots as favors.



For dessert, guests could choose from either two tiers of medicated coconut cake indicated by the fresh pot leaves accenting the decor, or the bottom tier of unmedicated cake not adorned with pot leaves. Corey had his own medicated groom's cake, a nod to his affection for Cookie Monster, and of course it was surrounded with medicated chocolate chip cookies.

The evening's entertainment, Mendo Dope, provided a blend of hip hop, rock, and raggae. Lyrics celebrated cannabis culture and the fight to legalize marijuana. While the music did not feature the traditional ballads of falling in love that one might expect at a wedding, they held true to the core values of Justice and Corey, representing their love and commitment to furthering the progress of pot. Dancing was not the focus of the celebration, rather, continued partaking was, and the room grew thicker with smoke.

Corey and Justice’s wedding was modern and fresh and did a fantastic job of embracing it's 420 theme throughout all of the details. Weed weddings are growing in popularity and with recreational legalization well on its way in California, we foresee growth in this niche market throughout Humboldt County. We look forward to working with local couples and businesses that want to make pot a part of their events and celebrations.

Congratulations Justice and Corey! Thank you for making us a part of your Weed Wedding Day!






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Reply Justice
4:55 PM on May 14, 2016 
You are so fabulous thank you for everything!