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Catherine Mallory

Hi! I'm Cat! I have worked for Gala Events & Weddings for a little over a year. I've

planned events and parties for friends and family, but working for Gala has given me my

first professional experiences in the industry.

I love being able to bring people together and put together an event that (our clients) will share with each other and never forget. It’s about creating moments that people will remember for the rest of their lives.

My favorite moment is when we put the finishing touches on everything and the client sees the set up for the first time. Seeing the amazement and awe on the client’s face after seeing the before and now experiencing the after. The best moment ever. Three of my personal core values are compassion, dependability, and creativity. I try to

incorporate all of these into my day to day life but also when on the job. In my spare time I spend my days cooking and baking, hanging out with my pets, and gardening in the backyard. I also am always working on a bunch of projects, whether it be painting furniture, building houses for my cats, or making my own essential oils.

A quirky fun fact about me is that I love to organize things. Making lists, filing papers, cleaning up a whole room and setting up a system for organization. That’s my thing. I’m also a huge animal lover and any time I have the chance to work with animals or hang out with them, I’m there.