Hello, I'm Midori.  


I've lived in Humboldt County for 11 years and never want to leave.  My favorite things to do when I'm not working are to have a picnic along the river, or go for a walk with my dog.  My daughter and I used to love exploring all of the hiking trails in the area back when it was still cool to hang out with mom. I still go out and hike through the forest, it clears my head and brings me some tranquility.


My personal values are connections (with friends and family), authenticity and organization.  I grew up with a large Italian family so family is very important to me.  I also believe friends can become family and many people I call family have no blood relation to me.  


I have about 2-1/2 years of experience in the event industry.  I've helped arrange a variety of events including weddings, birthdays, family gatherings, corporate events, night club events and mini festivals.  I love being one of the people who takes the chaos away from the host so s/he can relax and enjoy themselves.  It truly makes me smile to see everyone having a great time at an event I helped with.  


One event that always stands out in my mind was a Sweet 16 party that included four carnival rides.  The day of the party a few of the ride operators came down with a stomach bug.  The owner of the carnival had scheduled back up ride operators, but was still short two people.  That would have shut down half of the rides.  Since myself and a co-worker had experience working at an amusement park, we were able to keep the party going.  That's one of my favorite things about working events, doing whatever it takes to keep everything running smoothly and hopefully the host(s) never know there even was a problem. You never know what may come up and we have to be prepared for everything. It's a thrilling rush and I love it.  I look forward to helping make your day a special memory you will never forget.