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We are proud of the reputation we've built with our clients and the vendors with whom we work.  When you read our reviews, you will see a few common themes demonstrating our commitment to providing stellar service.  Check out what our happy couples have to say... and then check out what industry vendors have to say about working with us on our clients' events in our Endorsements.


Amanda Mitchell

 "I opted to purchase the venue tour from Gala Events and Weddings. Being a local I was convinced that I knew all the places that were available for a wedding ceremony/reception venue, but I was very surprised to find there are more venues than I expected. Even though my wedding date wasn't the most convienent (HSU graduation weekend) Alegria was still able to find a large number of beautiful venues that were available on my day and in my budget! She personally drove me to the venues, which was also a great opportunity for me to get to know Alegria and her team. Most importantly I was able to talk with the vendors and personally hear from them how much they enjoy working with Alegria, which cemented my confidence that I have the right person working with me on my wedding! I am very happy to say my experience with Alegria and her wonderful team exceeded my expectations. I am thrilled I did the venue tour; the experience was invaluable.


Katie & Landon

July 14, 2016

"I'm just writing a quick thank you for your services for our wedding in the Humboldt Redwoods on July 14. It was a truly great experience and your officiating made it perfect. I especially liked the moment you suggested we take before the ceremony to absorb our surroundings and look around at the beautiful woods. We couldn't have asked for a better fit for what we wanted for our ceremony. Thank you for everything!"

~Katie & Landon

Tora & Phil

August 12, 2015

"We decided in June to get married in the Redwoods whilst on holiday from England with our young son, a trip we’d booked for early August. We wanted a simple and relaxed ceremony in the Redwoods, but didn’t have a clue where to start in arranging a location, finding an officiant, and dealing with the required permits and licenses. We were so lucky to find Alegria and Gala Events & Weddings via the Humboldt County tourism website! She immediately guided us through everything we needed to know and do to arrange our ceremony, with just a few weeks’ notice. After speaking to us at length prior to our trip, she completely understood what we wanted for our simple wedding, presenting us with lots of ideas whilst totally accepting what we did and didn’t want included, ultimately putting together a ceremony that reflected us perfectly. As time was fairly limited we had to make all the arrangements quickly, and we could tell immediately she was very organised and efficient and felt completely assured that everything would go to plan! She also went out of her way to help us with things that were difficult to organise from the UK, such as arranging the park permit on our behalf. When we finally met Alegria on the day at the location she’d identified for us – a perfect small Redwood grove by a river, as we’d asked for – everything went just as we’d hoped and her relaxed and friendly approach put us at ease and helped us to enjoy the day. We couldn’t have hoped for a nicer person to oversee and perform our ceremony in the Redwoods and we can’t recommend Alegria and her team highly enough! Thank you for making our wedding a stress-free and happy day!"


~Tora, Phil and Woody x

Kandis & Robert

May 30, 2015

Alegria has a beautiful spirit, and presence. I was lost when I was pretty much on my own planning my wedding, and then needed to secure an Officiate for our ceremony. I found Alegria by google search, left her a message, and she got back to me later the same day. She was extremely easy to talk to, and very open minded. After we met in person for the first time to get to know each other and set expectations for the ceremony, my fiancé mentioned how relieved he was that I picked her. He was expecting more of a strict, and judgmental interaction that was in fact not the case. Alegria is excellent at providing ideas for those who may not be so creative (me), or allows as much room as needed for your own ideas. Alegria is extremely reliable, trustworthy, and professional. She will not let you down! I did not utilize the full Gala services because I found out about them too far into the planning of my ceremony, and I had already secured everything else needed for our wedding. However, if I had considered a full wedding planning service from the beginning, I definitely would have considered Gala Events and Weddings."

~Kandis Prudomme

Justin & Bree

April 26, 2015

"Alegria Sita of Gala Events & Weddings was a fantastic addition to our special day. We picked a beautiful wedding venue that was only upstaged by the help and services we received from Gala. Alegria helped us plan the ceremony which was time consuming and full of WAY too many options. She was able to help us narrow down the choices and make things a lot less stressful. We were worried our wedding budget would really effect the kind of wedding we wanted to have. Alegria was there with helpful suggestions and options. Its one thing to have lots of ideas, but we loved that she was never offended if we didn't like one. She would simply move on with more suggestions or tweek the thought we had until we could make it work. My wife and I could tell she was experienced and very good at what she does. Alegria was also our officiant on our wedding day. I would choose no other. I never thought, I would be married by a woman. Not that I had any pre-disposed notion against it, just never thought about it. But I am so glad we were. She was fantastic! Alegria had a natural ability to put us at ease. This was very important to us. Especially on this potentially stressful day. We did a lot of reading in advance about this special day and some of the pitfalls, stresses, and mistakes to avoid. We knew in advance that we needed to have the ability to just let go of the wheel and trust those we put in charge of our special day. It made our whole experience so much better. Luckily, we made some great decisions in who we put in charge and when. We received so many compliments on how laid back we seemed on our wedding day. This was really great to hear. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Alegria and Gala for helping to make our special day so carefree and enjoyable. We will cherish it our whole lives. We really lucked out finding you guys with all the other choices out there. But if anyone asked us.......Your the only choice! Cheers!!!"

~Justin Snow

Michelle & Adam Smith

February 14, 2015

"Our wedding was supposed to be a last minute quickie ceremony at the court house on Friday the 13. Well, as luck would have it they don't do wedding ceremonies on Fridays at the court house. So, I sent an SOS out to The Party Place in Eureka and they instantly referred me to Alegria. With such short notice (less than72 hours) I didn't expect to get anything done. But, thank goodness, I was wrong. Not only did she work us into her busy Valentine's Day schedule, but she also wrote our ceremony, which was personalized and heartfelt. She even modified our vows on the spot for a nervous groom all the while giving us her undivided attention with such a kind and calm demeanor. We can't thank you enough. Totally made our last minute nuptuals very special. Our guests said it was the best wedding they'd ever been to. I have to agree. You were highly recommended and now I know why :) Well done and thank you."

~Michele Smith

Victor Angular

NPA Parent Council, The Elegant French Dinner 2014

"What a wonderful and professional person Alegria is! Gala Events and Weddings was hired for the annual French Dinner hosted by the Northcoast Preparatory and Performing Arts Academy (NPA). From the beginning, the 2015 event was unmistakably enhanced by Alegria and her team. The positive impact by the Gala staff was seen and felt from the paramount functions to the nuance of the finest details. She even went well above and beyond by providing training to our students as she brought in the ultra accomplished and knowledgable Samuel. Samuel taught classes on service etiquette and hosting which proved to elevate the event to levels I've never witnessed before. As the current co-chairperson of the NPA Parent Council and one of the cooks from the French Dinner, I happily endorse the services of Gala Events and Weddings!"

Eve Lubowe,
Administrative Assistant,
North Coast Preparatory & Performing Arts Academy

The Elegant French Dinner, February 21, 2014

"Alegria Sita loves the intersection between people, beauty, and fun. Our school's biggest fundraiser of the year, our Elegant French Dinner, benefited from her guidance. Our high school students received thorough training as waiters, the Bayside Grange room was transformed into simple elegance, and the evening's guests were free to relax and sparkle in this beautiful setting.

Lindsay & Curtis

January 31, 2015

"Alegria and her team were a joy to work with. Alegria takes the time to personalize her services to meet the needs of every individual couple. I appreciated her presence every step of the way. We used Gala Events' DIY Day of Coordinating Package. It was exactly what we were looking for. Thanks for the guidance, professionalism, and attention to detail. We were so glad to have you be a part of our day."

~Lindsay & Curtis

Fred & Laura

October 17, 2014

"What a wonderful experience! When my husband and I first met we discovered that we both had the desire to go to the Redwood Forest some day. After 2 years together we came up with this crazy idea to elope. After pondering and stressing about nearby places in Indiana we stepped it up a notch we went for the Redwood Forest. Not knowing anyone from California we chanced a website or 2 and discovered Gala Events and Weddings. We spoke with Miss Alegria and just fell in love with her charm. We planned our whole wedding over the phone and by emails. It was so stress free and the end results were amazing. Thank you Gala Events and Weddings."

~Fred & Laura

Hope & Logan

October 12, 2014

"My now-husband and I first met Alegria during a DIY Wedding Workshop that she was hosting where we were introduced to the idea of hiring a wedding planner. I’m kind of a DIY person so hiring someone to do something I love to do, wasn’t in my thoughts for our wedding. During the workshop, the explanation of hiring a wedding planner and what benefits there are really stuck in our heads…

The following month I found out I was up for a promotion and had to attend trainings in the bay area for a week a month each month leading up to our wedding…. So on top of planning the biggest day of our lives, I also had to focus on my trainings and required work for that. We knew we needed help. In order to pull some stress of our shoulders and get help, we would pay for the wedding planner and be able to breathe a little easier. So we contacted Alegria and set up our consult. She was very excited to work with us (a little bond over our mutual love of cheetah print helped out) and we got started. She made us to-do lists. She checked in with us between our meetings. She called vendors, followed up with details, updating both our to-do list as well as hers. She listened to my requests and let me know what would be impossible. Lucky for her, I'm pretty easy. When she told me certain things wouldn't work, I said "okay" and moved on.

Only a few choice details I held strong with and she made sure to pull through on them and make sure every detail I had in mind, came true. 

By the end of our wedding, Alegria became more than our wedding planner but became our friend. She is so genuine, so adorable and so professional. She definitely has experience and knows what she's doing. She was open to all of my crazy ideas and my DIY crafting and decorating.

I can't say enough good words about Ms. Alegria & her team. The details that she paid attention too really blew my mind. Coming down to the day of our wedding when there were a couple venue decorations that I was trying to pull together but couldn't make happen but her team really stepped up and went out of their way to grab those details that Alegria knew I wanted. 

They share the excitement of the day and the event and really put their hearts into it! I felt spoiled and so lucky to have Alegria orchestrate everything from pre-wedding details and we even hired her and her crew for clean up! Even down to the very end, Alegria and her team were there for us! I would love to work with her again and would recommend her to anyone looking for help on planning an event!"

~Hope & Logan

Courtney & Paul

September 27, 2014

"We would like to thank the Gala team for a wonderful experience, and for their ability to create a stress-free environment on our wedding day.

Before we decided on a wedding coordinator for our special day, we were able to see Alegria and her team hard at work at a friend’s wedding. She was professional, attentive, and helpful, and went out of her way to make sure all of the guests were comfortable and were having a good time. Because of that experience, we knew Alegria and her team would be a great match for us.

From the moment we chose Gala to help coordinate our day-of wedding needs, Alegria was fully committed to making our wedding dreams come to fruition. She was insightful and contributed many creative ideas that gave our day that special “Humboldt” feeling. Our wedding was truly amazing and went off without a hitch. Gala provides the best Humboldt has to offer, and we recommend Alegria and her team for all your event planning needs."

~Courtney & Paul

Mike & Emerald

July 23, 2014

"Where do I begin? Well, first of all Alegria with Gala Event's and Weddings is the BEST! My husband and I can't express with words on how wonderful Alegria is! Our wedding took place in the middle of July and was beautiful for being low budget and being planned on the fly. Our wedding though, wouldn't be as amazing as it was without Alegria.  From the ceremony location to the restaurant where we had our reception, Alegria steered us in the most memorable wedding day direction.  My husband and I highly recommend Alegria!!! Not only will you be taken back by the beautiful Northern California coast and magnificent redwoods,  Alegria will make your day amazing and memorable for a liftetime!

***Attention Brides to Be*** I have to share, In the moments upon getting ready and before walking down the trail.... I had moments of panic. (Not because I was getting married,  more because of nerves and being in front of everyone.) But thanks to Alegria, she made me feel like the most beautiful, amazing bride my husband will ever lay eyes on. And because of her wise words of wisdom, I felt exactly that!

Alegria's beautiful energy and kindness made our wedding more than spectacular!

Thank you so much Alegria for Everything!  You truly are an angel doing God's work in creating new beginnings in life!
With love Always,
Mr. & Mrs. Whitlatch

Carol Hoopes, Mother of the Groom

Andrea & Jonathan's Wedding, August 16, 2014

"Alegria of Gala Events and Weddings coordinated a beautiful wedding for my son at my winery, Monument Mountain Vineyards Thank you!"

Patti Frink, Mother of the Bride

 Julie & Gordon's Wedding, August 9, 2014

"Alegria was amazing and professional. We loved working with her. She is so fun and friendly, and organized. She made our daughter's wedding day flow so beautifully. A truly great experience working with Gala Events team!"

Jessica & Daniel

July 19, 2014

"My husband and I hired Alegria as our Officiant. I loved her so much that I wanted her company, Gala Events & Weddings, to be our wedding planner as well. That was one of the best decisions I made for our wedding. Alegria was always there if we needed anything; she always made me feel like she was completely there for me. She is a very professional woman and her company is so efficient. We also had the pleasure of having her two, wonderful assistants for the day. They helped me with all my problems as well as helped all around the venue. They always asked me if I needed anything throughout the whole day. I had the privilege to have both services (Officiant and Day-Of Coordination), and I highly recommended it. This was the best day of my life. There was some drama at my wedding and Alegria and her staff handled it very professionally making it so much easier on me. The bride shouldn't have to deal with anything like that on her day, and they made it go away. During our ceremony she kept me calm when I started to cry, she encouraged me to keep going. It was just so sweet and made me relax, she is just so wonderful. The whole company made sure that the venue was to perfection and the way that I wanted it to be. She made sure everyone was where they were supposed to be at all times during the ceremony. It was just so smooth and beautiful, so thank you Alegria and your team for making our day the best day of our lives."

~ Jessica & Daniel Maness

Maria & Kurt

June 21, 2014

"Once I got off the phone with Alegria after our initial consultation, I immediately felt a sense of relief.  I never thought I’d hire an event planner for an elopement, but that’s just what we did.  I highly recommend it!  Alegria provided a thoughtful and heart-felt wedding ceremony, a stunning ceremony location, beautiful and local flower arrangements, a top-notch photographer, in-town accommodations, and even restaurant recommendations and reservations.  She took such good care of us!  Being from out of the area, we could not have done this on our own.  Thanks to Alegria’s knowledge, professionalism, and creativity the entire planning process was incredibly smooth and easy.  She is very organized and always kept us posted on what was going on.  She completely met and exceeded our expectations as an officiant and wedding coordinator.  To top it off, she has this extremely calming and grounding energy that radiates.  She made us feel so special on our wedding day, and played an integral part in creating our dream wedding.   Our little elopement in the redwoods will be a day we will never forget."

Maria & Kurt Weidich

Mike & Stacy

June 14, 2014

"I hired Alegria/Gala Events and Weddings over a year before our wedding, for her Day-Of wedding service. Even though I only hired her for our special day, she made herself available to us to answer any random questions we had and also to give advice. We would often meet up for coffee or a glass of wine, and she would ease my crazy bride-to-be mind, with her encouraging words of wisdom. The final weeks before the big day, she was a great resource, coordinating how the day was going to go, speaking with all of our vendors and letting them know what was expected from them. She brought to our attention any potential problems and worked with us to get them resolved.  On the day of the Wedding she and her team arrived early, and stepped right in to finish with decorations and managing the arrival and set up of all the vendors. As the bride, she allowed me to relax and not worry about minor issues. I felt comfortable with giving her the power to make crucial decisions, because she was in tune with all the details we had spoke about prior to this day. From the beginning Alegria was encouraging, knowledgeable, and willing to work with our specific needs. By the end of it all we became friends and I am happy that we got to work together."

~Stacy Ruiz

Morgan & Leslie

May 31, 2014

"Alegria was amazing and could not have executed the 'Best Day Ever' without her! Communication skills, experience, professionalism are just a few of the many attributes she excels in as a wedding guru."  ~Leslie Terrill

"You were the best money we spent on the entire wedding!
"  ~Morgan Terrill

Pattie & Spence

May 8, 2014

"Alegria, Thank you so very much for a beautiful ceremony and all your help with the details. Much Happiness."

~Spence & Patti

Mira & Seth

November 30, 2013

"Alegria, you went above and beyond in your officiating duties. We were having such a hard time just getting to the Inn where we were supposed to be married, we never thought about how everything was supposed to go after we got there. You were amazing and really guided us through the ceremony and celebration in such a fluid and non-stressful manner. You worked with our busy schedules when planning the ceremony and really made us feel comfortable. Even though we didn't know each other before, you wrote a fabulous ceremony that was perfect for Seth and I. You have an easy going and calming manner that is pleasant to work with. We would (and already have) recommend Gala Events & Weddings to friends. Thank you for everything!"

~ Mira Davis-Ayers

Matt & Bryce

November 12, 2013

"Honestly all Matt and I knew as that we wanted to be married in the redwoods.  But coming from New Orleans and trying to find a wedding location, housing, officiate and restaurant for our own personal ceremony was a daunting task.  That is until we found Alegria.  She truly took the stress out of everything.  She is so sweet, informative and knowledgeable.  Every time we spoke with her she put us at ease immediately and took the stress out of getting married so we could focus on what’s important... each other.  She really created the exact wedding we always wanted but had no idea what we wanted in the first place.  Not only did she find us the perfect housing for our wedding/honeymoon while we were in the redwoods but she also informed us of the ins and outs of the wedding process.  She helped us choose our wedding photographer, which by the way was fantastic, and also our wedding location.  The fact that Alegria scouted out wedding spots for us prior to us arriving so we could choose when we got there was fantastic.  Now keep in mind that we didn't go see all of them as we fell in love with the very first spot she showed us.  It just shows how well she listens to what you want and then turns it into reality.   I will tell you one thing about Alegria Sita; she is one of a kind.  When Matt and I renew our vows our first call will be to Alegria.  And watch out California.  We are trying to steal her for Louisiana because she really is that perfect.  Thank you Alegria for making our special day the most wonderful day of our lives."

Bryce Scholl

Shelley & Thorin

September 7, 2013

"Thorin and I couldn't have worked with a more professional, detail oriented, and fun officiate!! Alegria was (and is) AMAZING! She really went above and beyond at our wedding. Alegria's ability to communicate details, and to address potential issues was incredibly helpful. She truly was able to grasp a clear sense of what Thorin and I wanted to embody during our ceremony from the beginning, working with us, taking extra time if needed! You can tell that this is her passion, and that translates to how fluid our ceremony went. We are so very thankful for Alegria's calming, fun-loving presence during during all the stages of our wedding!!! Thank you!!!"

~Much love, Shelley and Thorin

Ashley & Chad

August 27, 2013

"We could say thank you 100 times and it still wouldn't be enough! Our day was completely perfect and so much more than we thought it would be because of the love and amazing touches that Alegria put into every little and big thing she did. I knew I was going to hire Alegria from Gala Beleza Events & Weddings within the first 5 mins of talking to her on the phone before I even met her. She is so soft spoken and very attentive to every little detail. Very well organized and no matter what always has a smile on her face. We were very impressed with how professional she was and how well she kept everything together and moving so smoothly. As a bride I did not worry about one little thing because I knew Alegria had it under control. She is amazing at what she does and goes above and beyond. We couldn't have done it without her. Thank you so much for making our day so perfect."

~Chad and Ashley

Crystal & Dustin

August 10, 2013

"Just amazing! I am so thankful that you helped us create such a beautiful and funny ceremony. I really appreciate your professionalism. I also want to thank you for the extra humor that you provided. It couldn't have been more perfect!"

~Crystal Pepper

Wendy & Tory

July 20, 2013

"Simply put, our day was pure magic thanks to Alegria and Gala Beleza! We opted to bring Alegria on to coordinate the "Day Of" our wedding. We met several times in the two months prior to our wedding, and really felt that she listened to us as we shared our vision for our special day. She communicated clearly and helped us stay focused on our "next steps". Her connections and knowledge of local resources, as well as her ability to translate dreams into reality are what really set her apart! On the day of our wedding, Alegria was there to support our team and make sure all the details fell into place - we basically just needed to show up, get dressed, and enjoy our wonderful day! We have heard over and over again, from friends far and near, that this was the most beautiful wedding they had ever attended. I fully believe that Alegria leaves every bride and groom feeling that way!!!"

~Wendy Starr

Julz & Melissa

October 28, 2012

"After hiring Alegria to be our wedding coordinator, my husband and I were beyond relieved. On the first initial meeting, we instantly felt Alegria's warm, enthusiastic energy. She got to know each of our goals, requests, and interests in great detail, and went from there. She gave us excellent recommendations and ideas we would've never thought of if it weren't for hiring her help. The planning process for our wedding went from stressful to fun with that extra hand. On the day of our wedding, I was unbelievably relaxed and stress-free, which was my #1 goal. Alegria was somehow in 10 places at once that day, from coordinating all of our vendors, making sure they arrived on time to their designated areas/locations, to making sure I was well hydrated and well hidden from the groom, and making sure the napkins for dinner had the fold in them that I liked best. I love how she had an emergency kit with her, because in fact I did end up needing things I would've never thought to bring along with me. To top off the night, Alegria left us the sweetest surprise that made my heart melt. The entire experience was utterly incredible and I feel insane to think that I originally thought we didn't need a wedding coordinator, even for a smaller wedding. Alegria is absolutely amazing at what she does and we are so thankful for her services!"

~Julian & Melissa Montoya

Vera & Michael

July 11, 2012

"I hired Alegria about 3 months before the wedding.  I tried to do everything myself but quickly found I needed help. She was great getting everything organized and handling all the problems that came up like finding me a sign language interpreter, dealing with all the rentals that went wrong, and the last minute changes to the DJ that happened the day before the wedding. If I were going to get married again I would hire Alegria at the beginning and save myself a lot of headaches.  She really made everything so much smoother."


Marques & Michelle

July 23, 2011

"Alegria was the perfect officiant to have for our wedding.  She was always helpful and available with gentle advice.  She guided us through the preparation of the ceremony in a kind, thoughtful manner and honored our wishes and desires.  Alegria helped us personalize our ceremony and made it the perfect day."  

~Michelle Mayo

Sri & Ajja

July 16, 2011

"With great pleasure and in all integrity I recommend Alegria Sita to coordinate your event or wedding.  I have been in community with her for many years and I know her to be a very dynamic, thoughtful, and capable person, and I have attended events that she put together and enjoyed the fruits of her labors many times.  It was not until she coordinated our wedding, however, that I got to experience the full loving and creative force that I will call: "Alegria in action"!  We, like many couples, were feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the details that needed attending to and all of the many many decisions that creating a wedding entails.  When Alegria entered that process with us, within a few concise and powerful meetings she helped us get clarity on so many things.  Know this: Alegria is a joy to work with!  A truly sensitive coordinator, she always followed our lead in terms of what we wanted to handle ourselves while happily taking on any and all tasks we felt ready to let go of into her capable hands.  The fruits of this collaboration were many, and she fulfilled her pledge to help us get the help we needed so that we could have time and energy before, during, and after the ceremony for sacred communing with each other and for connecting with all the friends and family that were around for our big day.  Many people remarked that we were the most relaxed bride and groom they had ever seen in the days leading up to our wedding...much of that credit for that goes to our amazing wedding coordinator Alegria!  Our wedding was amazing.  My gratitude for Alegria and the clear, professional, friendly, creative, and soulful service she provided us is boundless, and so many friends and family had wonderful things to say about the wonderful woman called Alegria who helped us pull it all off in joy, ease, and grace."   

~ Sri Odom

"Alegria was our "wedding angel,"

attending to every detail

with an inspired enthusiasm and extraordinary grace.

A true artist, she approaches the creation of an event with reverence,warmth and joy.

Truly and deeply competent in all aspects of event planning, she is a gem...

and you will be in the best of hands with Alegria."


Simone & Jagdish

November 28, 2010

"Alegria was absolutely essential for our wedding . She was very receptive to our vision of what we wanted and was incredibly helpful with planning the sequencing and timing of the ceremony. She spoke gracefully and eloquently. It was a magical day that we will never forget!"