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Talvi Fried

Meet Talvi, self proclaimed ninja master of the universe! Talvi loves helping to create a shared nostalgia by creating a stage for others to play out their whimsies. Though her educational background is in business and environmental scients, Talvi discovered her love of the events industry 15 years ago when she began her work in catering, food and beverage management, festivals, and entertainment (she is an amazing stand-up comedian). In 2014 she began working with Gala Events & Weddings, and her ninja skills were proven! She discovered Humboldt County while she was searching for the "perfect" home nestled between the forest and the sea. She loves the small, close-knit and eccentrically vibrant community because it maintains a sustainable, global ideology. She would never live anywhere else! When she's not strutting her ninja skills at events, Talvi can be found splashing in puddles, riding her bike, writing, home-brewing, painting, or riding roller coasters and eating circus foods at local fairs.