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Alegria Sita, CEO

Making Dreams Come True


Aquarius/Virgo moon/Virgo rising. Type A and a little bit hippy. Professional and organized. Podcast junkie. Mom to one incredible kiddo. Dancer. World traveler. Naturalist. Shoes with sparkles. Hazelnut lattes with coconut milk. Sushi.  Tequila.

I've been planning events since I was 13 years old. In January 2010, I decided to make a career out of my passion for parties and enrolled in a Wedding & Event Planning Certification Course. I completed my coursework with honors, and Gala Events & Weddings was born!


As a trilingual, non-denominational Officiant I have been marrying couples since 2008 in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. I am passionate about working with couples to create meaningful ceremonies that authentically embody their personalities and values. I know I've succeeded when everyone leaves the ceremony wowed by how "them" it was! 


I've lived in Humboldt County, behind the redwood curtain, for nearly 30 years. I graduated from Cal Poly Humboldt with a BA in 2004, moved to experience life in a couple other northern California communities, traveled the world, and returned to Humboldt to make this community my forever home.


I've worked for local schools, government, private, and non-profit sectors organizing events such as conferences, professional development trainings, retreats, multi-agency community service days, parties and festivals.


From 2015 - 2018, I served as a Board Member for the Eureka-Humboldt Convention and Visitor's Bureau.


In 2019, I joined the Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation Board of Directors where I served until accepting the position of Executive Director in October 2023.


On June 21, 2023 I was appointed member of the Fuente Nueva Charter Council where I am currently serving a three-year term.

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