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Private Venues & Events Are Officially Open -- Check Out CDPH's Comprehensive Guidance (April 15th)

The Events Industry is finally, officially reopened!!! Put on your party hats! :) Bring on the weddings and social events!

Many of us who specialize in servicing private events have eagerly awaited the green light and guidance from the State of California in order to open up to the celebrations we're used to producing. At long last, today is the day we move forward into the weddings and social events that we love to create! Sure, celebrations will still look and feel a little different this season... but we will certainly be enjoying the company of our friends and loved ones at far greater capacities than we've seen since March 2020!

Masks and distancing are still on the table.

At the time of publishing this blog, Humboldt County is in the orange tier, which means, outdoor event attendance is limited to a maximum of 100. Outdoor event attendance capacity increases to 300 if attendees show proof of negative covid test or proof of full vaccination. Indoor event attendance is limited to a maximum of 150, and all attendees must show proof of negative covid test or full vaccination.

As an event planner, my mind immediately considers the logistics of managing events within this framework. And, with so much crossover for event operators providing services that fall within other industry guidances, there is quite a bit of guidance to review to ensure best practices while hosting events. For example, a venue that operates as a hotel, restaurant, and venue, there are three sets of industry guidance to ensure a safe, clean, and low-risk environment. Whew... that's a minimum of three industry guidance docs to review!

Fortunately, though, private venues and events have made it back onto the table, and I couldn't be more excited! Check out CDPH's April 15th Private Venues and Events Guidance here. Then follow the links within the document to reference any additional industry guidance that applies to other relevant event services provided.

I'm really looking forward to our first big event of the season in May.... let the planning begin!

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