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Humboldt Weddings in the Red Tier

Planning a late fall or winter wedding in Humboldt? We're currently in the Red Tier... so what does that mean for your celebration?

California is seeing a surge in C19 cases, and is therefore toggling backwards in the blueprint for a safer economy this week (11/17/2020). In regards to weddings, this means we’re taking a couple steps backwards. Traditional weddings as we know them (ceremony followed by lavish parties) have not been allowable since March. For months, weddings in Humboldt County have been limited to reduced capacity ceremonies only; no multi-household receptions, parties or gatherings of any kind.

This week, Humboldt County jumped from the yellow tier to the red tier, skipping orange altogether. For weddings, this means that indoor weddings are seeing the greatest impact. Red tier guidance for weddings falls under “places of worship,” and is as follows:

Substantial (red)

Indoor with modifications

Indoor activities must be limited to 25% of capacity or 100 people, whichever is less

For the comprehensive check list for "Place of Worship and Cultural Ceremonies" click here.

While the weather is changing, and we’re welcoming the rains, outdoor micro weddings still offer the safest and most flexible options for your special day.

If you’re planing a wedding in the next few months and would like to find the YES' for your special day, connect with us. Love is still essential.

Photo by Carrie Mayfield Photography

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