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Crafting a Clear Wedding Vision

Congratulations! You've gotten engaged! In my last post, I shared my "Unexpected First Step to Wedding Planning"... Now, it's time to really dive in. It's actually quite possible you've long ago started step one of planning your perfect celebration... even, perhaps, well before a ring was on your finger; but now, it's time to really dream up the details with specificity.

Create Your Vision. I know, I know, you've been dreaming of this day since you were a young girl. You've attended weddings of friends and family over the last few years and made mental notes of what you like and what you dislike at each each celebration. You may already have a secret Pinterest Board pre-designed. While all that's a good start, I suggest really taking a moment to get clear on the vision of your day. Here are my ABC's to crafting a clear vision for your Special Day:

a. Begin by listing your top 3-4 core values. What do I mean by core values... for the wedding? or for life? You decide. The prompt is open-ended. Interpret as you will. Regardless, come up with your top 3-4 core values. These values will become your compass for all things wedding. Whenever you come to a crossroads, or are stumped on a decision you must make, let these three values guide you in your decisions. Whatever the choice before you, how does each option land with your values?

b. Vision Board. In the eighties, brides would buy the latest trendy magazines and collage a crafty poster board full of images. Today, we Pinterest (though, secretly, I absolutely LOVE crafting a physical vision board). Either way, take a moment to actually collect a collage of images (physically or digitally) that match your styles and inspirations. Be sure to consider all of the senses (sight and aesthetics, smells and fragrances, taste and appetite, touch and feel, and sounds). You'll also want to consider abstract details, like building anticipation, ambiance and atmosphere. Glean inspiration not just from wedding-centric trends, but consider whatever appeals to you in life, love, and your relationship. Inspirational quotes, poetry, ritual, really dig deep, reaching for those things that inspire you all around. This will guide you in personalizing your celebration.

c. Compare notes with your partner. While you may have a vision of the wedding you have always dreamed of, your partner likely also has a vision. It's absolutely critical to tap into your beloved's dream and find out what is most important to them. I've witnessed far too many uncomfortable conversations unfold at an initial consultation because a couple did not sit down together and get on the same page. I've also seen a few couples where one partner is pretty hands off, because they're happy with whatever their sweetheart wants. Either way, prioritize communication, and sync up the vision before moving forward. 

Every achievable goal begins with a clear vision. The clearer your vision, the greater the likelihood your day will be exactly as you dream. 

Stay tuned for step 3 in our wedding planning series.

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