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Unexpected First Step to Wedding Planning

First of all, I'd like to wish all the newly engaged couples biggest congratulations! The holidays inevitably ring in the New Year with engagements (see what I did there?). And if the holidays didn't put a ring on it just yet, we're just a countdown away from Valentine's Day where we'll see the next wave of newly engaged couples join the ranks of new fiancés/fiancees planning their upcoming weddings. So, again, I just want to take a moment to celebrate this very special moment for you and your spouse-to-be.

This is such a special time in your life. It's a moment where your relationship has graduated to the next level. Anticipation, excitement, pride and a million other feelings may have you energized and ready to  begin planning a day that you've probably dreamed of since childhood. Now this might sound completely counterintuitive, especially coming from a wedding planner, but before you go putting all of those childhood dreams into planning action, I'd like to suggest my favorite first step to wedding planning...  

Step 1... Stop. That's right, stop planning! ... ... ... Take a slow, deep breath, and simply pause the electric energy luring you into action... Take another deep breath... and another...

That's right. My recommended first step to wedding planning is to Stop Planning, and simply enjoy this very special transitional moment in your relationship. Take some time to revel in your new status... engaged! There will be plenty of time to begin planning your dream celebration... but for now, pause to really enjoy your sweety, reflect on the story that is yours, only shared with your beloved; and step into this present moment together, recognizing that what is to come will... but this moment of engagement is special all on its own. You may even want to plan a little get-away for just the two of you to bask in magic of this moment. Cheers!

Congratulations once again! Stay tuned for Planning Step 2 soon to come.

Alegria Sita is Owner, Certified Event Planner and Ordained Officiant at Gala Events & Weddings on the far northern redwood coast of Humboldt County, California. She delights in each step of planning the sacred ritual of a wedding. For more information about planning or officiant services, please visit:

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