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Your Venue Is Everything

Top Left: Historic Eaglehouse; Top Right: Sequoia Park; Bottom Left: The Carson Mansion; Bottom Right: Humboldt Botanical Gardens

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of touring one of my couples all over the county in search of their perfect wedding venue... it's one of my favorite aspects of planning a wedding. There's just something magical about witnessing the moment a couple steps on to their chosen property, eyes dreamy with the visualization of their special day unfolding before them. The process of elimination is equally as fun for me.... I can usually tell the moment we step foot out of the car whether or not a property has made the cut. Each venue offers its own vibe that either matches the vision, or it doesn't... and as we visit each property, I get to witness a couple's vision crystalize... this is it!... or this is definitely NOT it... its as if their vision becomes more tangible with each viewing... a couple can either feel their wedding day in the space... or they can't.


Choosing a venue is one of the most essential pieces of a wedding, it's the foundation of the entire celebration. "Location, location, location," is everything. Whether you're hosting an intimate ceremony for two beneath a cathedral of our majestic giants, or you're hosting the swankiest event of the year with all 500 of your favorite people, the venue determines EVERYTHING from the rest of your budget, to ambiance, to capacity, to travel and accommodations... and the list goes on.

With so much riding on this ONE major detail, its essential to really think through every aspect of your ideal venue BEFORE signing on the dotted line, securing your date on their calendar, and paying that nonrefundable deposit... and if its FREE, please remember that everything has a price... even if its not measured in dollars. To guide you in your decision making process, I've compiled a free PDF checklist of essential questions to take into account when selecting your venue. These questions will help you determine the perfect venue for your celebration. I wish you the best of luck in finding your dream venue, and don't hesitate to contact me if you need a hand.

Alegria Sita, Owner, Certified Event Planner, Officiant of Gala Events & Weddings

Alegria Sita offers Custom Venue Tours for couples searching for the perfect location for their celebration, whether a private elopement for two, or an elaborate party for all 500 +/- of your favorite people. Each tour is specifically designed to showcase venues that match your vision and budget. To schedule your custom venue tour, contact Alegria at today.

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